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The Legend of Loftus Hall

  • The Legend of Loftus Hall

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In the 1700s, Loftus Hall was a magnificent, awe invoking building which dominated the edge of the Hook Peninsula in County Wexford, Ireland. At the time, the Loftus estate was ruled by Charles Loftus Tottenham, who acquired immense power and wealth by marrying Anne Loftus. They had two daughters, Anne and Elizabeth. Charles focused on establishing his reputation and expanding the family name while Anne remained at home to raise their children.
Tragedy strikes the heart of the family and as they put their lives back together, a monstrous storm crashes against the Hall and from it emerges a mysterious dark stranger. Welcomed into Loftus Hall, he creates a certain unease among the occupants. The youngest daughter, Anne, falls in love with the man, much to the dismay of her proud father. Discovering their relationship, Charles gives the visitor an ultimatum. However, after a traditional card game held in the mansion, a horrifying event takes place, and soon everyone realises the stranger was concealing his true evil identity.
Having lost her love, Anne plunges deep into the realms of insanity. Charles loses his grasp on his power and wealth as a stagnant presence within the Hall creates turmoil and darkness. Swallowing his pride, he is forced to solicit help from the sole individual who may be capable of banishing the malevolence from Loftus Hall once and for all.
This is the Legend of Loftus Hall which still survives in the area to this day.

"Chris did a fantastic job in telling the story but in his own unique way."
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