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Within Their Screams

  • Within Their Screams

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Growing up, life was different for Darren. Born with a rare, dangerous condition, making him immune to experiencing physical pain, broken bones went unnoticed, wounds were untreated and an ordinary existence was out of the question.
As an adult, Darren’s intrigue with how other people reacted to injuries increased, leading him to experiment on his own body.
Following the tragic loss of his parents, Darren’s perverse obsession with pain spirals out of control and he determines the only way he will ever know what it feels like is to experience it through others.
As Darren’s hunger for satisfaction grows, he leaves behind a trail of terror and brutalised victims, but will he ever truly achieve his goal?

"His best yet? Maybe!"
"Definitely wasn't disappointed. Within their screams is a gruesomely graphic read."